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  9th FERCAP International Conference / General Assembly  New!

22-25 November 2009
Chiangmai, Thailand

November 22 - Pre-Conference Training
November 23-24 - FERCAP Conference
November 25 - General Assembly and NAREC Meeting

Call for Abstracts
Draft Agenda

  FERCAP 2008 Conference  New!
24-25 November 2008
Bangkoki, Thailand
Draft agenda
Call for abstracts submission

  FERCAP 2008 Activities  
4-9 April 2008
              Taipei, Taiwan
    April 4 - Surveying and Evaluating Ethical Review Practices
                   (in Cathay General Hospital International Conference Room, Taipei)
                 April 5-7 - Survey
                                (in Cathay General Hospital and Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital, Taipei)
                 April 8-9 - GCP Training for Regulatory Authorities
                                (in Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei)

               SIDCER Recognition Programme

FERCAP is currently conducting the following training modules
for interested organizations and Ethics Committees
in Asia and the Western Pacific
that wish to improve ethical review practices:
 Module 1 - Human Subject Protection Course
 Module 2 - Standard Operating Procedure Course


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