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The SIDCER Vision is to ensure protection for all human participants in health research globally, through partnership in ethics across cultures, societies, sectors, and organizations. This vision is expressed in its organizational structure as well as in the activities and guidance it develops and promotes. SIDCER achieves its vision by supporting regional structures and activities, building local capacity for ethical review, strengthening and expanding its international network, realizing financial sustainability, and managing change within its organization and in the field of its work.

The SIDCER Mission
The SIDCER mission lies in fostering competent, independent, in-country decision making for promoting responsible conduct of human research through its international network of Fora and monitoring the quality and effectiveness of ethics review worldwide, with mutual understanding and respect for cultural, regional and national differences.

The SIDCER Guiding Principles
SIDCER accomplishes its mission by actively translating the following principles into action in all of its engagements:
  • The promotion and protection of the dignity of the human person;
  • The respect of cultural diversity and ethical values across societies;
  • The promotion of independence in decision-making;
  • The development of partnerships extending across borders and sectors dedicated to the value of the human person in research as extending above and beyond all other values;
  • The pursuit of social justice;
  • The pursuit of peace.

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