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The SIDCER Steering Committee is responsible for developing the programme and funding of SIDCER, with the support and approval of WHO/TDR. The SIDCER steering committee is composed of representatives of the regional fora and representatives of invited partner organizations.

The regional fora consist initially of the Forum for Ethics Committees in the Confederation of Independent States (FECCIS), Forum for Ethics Committees in Asia & the Western Pacific (FERCAP), the Foro Latino Americano de Comit?s de ?tica en Investigacion en Salud [Latin American Forum of Ethics Committees in Health Research] (FLACEIS), the Forum for Institutional Review Boards [IRBs]/Ethics Review Boards [ERBs] in Canada and the United States (FOCUS), and the Pan African Bioethics Initiative (PABIN).

WHO/TDR, on the advice of the regional fora, invited the following organizations to join the Steering Committee: the Good Clinical Practice Alliance (GCPA), International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association (IFPMA), the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) and the Middleton Foundation for Ethics Studies (MFES)

The Regional Fora

The Partner Organizations
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