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Pan-African Bioethics Initiative (PABIN)
Established during a Workshop on Ethical Review Committees in Africa held in Lusaka, Zambia, on 29-31 January 2001. To date PABIN has carried out or contributed to several workshops in African countries as well as held the ‘Workshop on Developing Ethical Review in Africa in Light of Contemporary Issues in the Biomedical Research Ethics’ at the Medical University of South Africa on 8-9 November 2001 and ‘An International Symposium on Good Ethical Practices in Health Research in Africa’ (23-24 February 2002). A 2003 Annual conference was held in Ethiopia in April. In addition to Ethiopian chapter (ETBIN), several additional national chapters have been and are currently being developed. PABIN has also been established as a legal entity in Zambia.

Chairperson  Prof. Chifumbe Chintu Zambia
Vice-Chairperson  Dr. Pierre Effa Cameroon
Secretary  Dr. Rose Kingamono Tanzania
Treasurer  Dr. Alwyn Mwinga Zambia
Education Officer  Prof. Wen Kilama Tanzania
Ethics Committees Officer  Prof. Hakima Himmich Morocco
Communications Officer  Prof. Achille Massougbodji Benin
Steering Committee Members (4)  Prof. Solomon Benatar
 Dr. Beyene Petros
 Prof. Godfrey Tangwa
 Dr. Joele Okullo
South Africa

Last Update: April 18, 2008
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