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SIDCER is WHO/TDR initiative undertaken in partnership with regional fora and health research organizations focused on developing global capacity in ethical review and Good Research Practices. Alliances with other major participants in health research aligns SIDCER with broad governmental and research organization forces dedicated to the improvement of the human condition through science and ethics in health research. SIDCER brings together the technical and financial support of these regional fora in order to promote the development of independent and competent in-country ethical review committees and systems. Through the development and sustained support of regional and country fora, SIDCER assists countries, institutions, and communities in building capacity for ethical review. In doing so, SIDCER contributes to the development of community-based decision-making as well as legislative and regulatory frameworks for healthcare.

The organizational structure of SIDCER is focused on the ongoing development of the autonomy of the regional fora while strengthening the international network of collaboration with organizations that support the highest ethical standards in local, national, and international research. The SIDCER organizational structure is composed of the SIDCER Steering Committee, the SIDCER Advisory Board, and the SIDCER Secretariat.

As a WHO/TDR initiative, SIDCER benefits from the experience and network of WHO/TDR in developing research, healthcare, and capacity-building in disease endemic countries. Following an initial two year period, the Steering Committee and WHO/TDR will review the progress of the SIDCER and consider it for development as an independent organization. (Article 5, Appendix I). The organizational structure is presented visually in the diagrams below.

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