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Forum for Institutional Review Boards [IRBs] / Ethics Review Boards [ERBs] in Canada and the United States (FOCUS)
A first meeting to examine the objectives and establishment of FOCUS was held in Toronto, Canada, on 15 April 2002. The meeting discussed the need for a North American Forum within the SIDCER initiative and reviewed draft Terms of Reference. A working party was established among the following: Dr. Henry Dinsdale, Kingston General Hospital; Canada [Convener]; Dr. Richard Carpentier, National Council on Ethics in Human Research (NCEHR), Canada; Ms. Elisabeth Clark, McGill University, Canada; Dr. Sharon Kleefield, Harvard University, USA; Dr. Greg Koski, Office for Human Subjects Protections, USA; Dr. Melody Lin, Office for Human Subjects Protections, USA; Dr. Michael McDonald, University of British Columbia, Canada; Ms. Helen McGough, University of Washington, USA; Dr. Donald Morrish, University of Alberta, Canada; and Dr. Majorie Speers, Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protections Program, Inc., USA. FOCUS has held two international annual conferences since inception. Its third annual conference on ethical issues in behavioural and social sciences research will be held in Montreal Canada in June 2005.

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