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Foro Latino Americano de Comit?s de ?tica en Investigacion en Salud [Latin American Forum of Ethics Committees in Health Research] (FLACEIS)
Established during a Workshop on Ethical Review Committees in Latin American Countries held in Mexico City, Mexico, on 23-25 October 2001. To date FLACEIS has carried out or contributed to several workshops in Latin American countries and its 2002 Annual Meeting in connection with the Global Forum for Bioethics in Research was held in October 2002. The FLACEIS secretariat is situated within the office of the National Commission on Bioethics in Mexico. Several national chapters are currently being developed. FLACEIS is being established as a legal entity in Mexico.

President  Dr. Dirce Guilhem University of Brasilia, Brazil
Vice-President  Patricia Sorokin University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Secretary  Héctor Javier Sánchez Pérez College of Frontera Sur, Chiapas, México.
Treasurer  Liliana Virginia Siede House of Representatives of the Argentina Nation
Steering Committee Members (6)

 Dr. María Consuelo Miranda Montoya

 Dr. Luis Manuel López Dávila MD, MSc.

 Dr. María Angélica Sotomayor Saavedra

 Carlos J. Valerio M

 Claude Verges Lopez

 Fernando Andrade - Narvaez

International Center of Training and Medical Investigations - CIDEIM- Colombia

Center of Investigation, College of Medical Sciences, University of San Carlos de Guatemala

College of Medicine,  University of  Chile

Ministry of Health, de Costa Rica

University of Panama, Panama

Independent University of Yucatan, Mexico

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