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Forum for Ethical Review Committees in Asia & the Western Pacific (FERCAP)
Established during the Asian & Western Pacific Workshop on Ethical Review held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 10-12 January 2000. To date FERCAP has carried out in-country workshops in several Asian and Western Pacific countries establishing local chapters in Thailand, India, Nepal, The Philippines, Korea, Taiwan. Its first Biennial General Meeting was held during the University of the Philippines/FERCAP Conference on Building Capacities and Promoting Ethical Research in the Asia-Pacific Region (Manila, 21-29 October 2001). The Second Biennial General Meeting is planned for December 2003. FERCAP has been established as a legal entity in Thailand. The secretariat is situated within the Thai FDA office, Ministry of Public Health in Bangkok, Thailand.


Chairperson  Dr. Vichai Chokevivat Thailand
Vice-Chairperson  Dr. Benjamin Kuo Taiwan
Secretary  Dr. Vasantha Muthuswamy India
Treasurer  Dr. Kesara Na-Bangchang Thailand
Education Officer  Dr. Xiuqin Wang China
Communications Officer  Dr. Marita. V. Reyes Philippines
Representatives (4)  Dr. Ock Joo Kim
 Dr. Kenji Hirayama
 Dr. Anoja Fernando
 Dr. Suriadi Gunawan

Sri Lanka

FERCAP Coordinator  Dr. Cristina E. Torres Philippines

Last Update: April 18, 2008
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