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Forum for Ethics Committees in the Confederation of Independent States (FECCIS)
Established during a Workshop on Ethical Review Committees in Russia and the Confederation of Independent States held in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 19-21 March 2001. To date FECCIS have organized international workshops on ethical issues in clinical trials, development and application of SOP for ethical review of biomedical research, health legislation in human right protection, access to medicines in health research and legal frame work for the protection of human rights and dignity in biomedical research. It has contributed to the Model Law in Biomedical Research adopted by the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Confederation of Independent States. FECCIS have so many activities planned for 2005 and this includes the regional and consultation on networking in the sphere of bioethics in March, specific training for EC members in research ethics, workshops on the finalization and implementation of SOPS. In November 2005 FECCIS will hold its international annual conference on relationship between ECs and national authority for drug registration in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Several national chapters are currently being developed. FECCIS is being established as a legal entity in Russia.

Chairperson  Prof. O. Kubar Russia
Co-Chairperson  Prof. G. Kiknadze Georgia
Vice-Chairperson  Prof. B. G. Yudin Russia
Secretary  Prof. G. Aslanjan Armenia
Treasurer  Dr. E. Yu. Konzhukova Russia
Educational Officers (2)

 Prof. M. Abdulakhodzhaeva
 Prof. E. Yu. Barmanova


Communicational Officer (2)  Prof. A. B. Sadykova Kazakhstan
Human Rights and Gender Officer  Mrs. E. Yu. Vladimirova Inter-Parlamentary Assembly of the CIS
Executive Coommittee Members (9)  Prof. A. Namasove
 Prof. I. Goncharik
 Dr. L. Vovk
 Prof. O. Bobochodgaev
 Prof. N. A. Chashin
 Prof. A. Khudaybergenov


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